The following are videos demonstrating each of my indicators. The first video is an short history of how PBSP came into existence along with my trading methodology. It is as current today as the day it was taped. (However, to get all secrets I allude to in the video to trade the POKE system, finding point ones using the 5 wave pattern, and using my money management rules, it will require you to purchase my complete package of time tested indicators.) Enjoy the videos:

[wposflv src= previewimage=
width=360 height=240 title=”INTRODUCTION”]

The trend is your friend:
Bernie’s “Main 89 Line”, “Exponential 89 Line” and supporting “Fibonacci Ratio Bands”.
[wposflv src= previewimage=
width=360 height=240 title=”MAIN 89 LINE”]
The Squat Indicator indicates when a trend appears to be at an end and ready to go in the other direction
[wposflv src= previewimage=
width=360 height=240 title=”THE SQUAT INDICATOR”]
Bernie’s ADX indicator reveals when a big trend is getting ready to start, when a big trend is ready to wind down and warns against false breakouts.
[wposflv src= previewimage=
width=360 height=240 title=”BERNIE’S ADX”]
And for the big finish is Bernie’s Fibonacci Cluster Quatro to find accurate levels of support and resistance in even the choppiest of markets.
[wposflv src= previewimage=
width=360 height=240 title=”FIBONACCI CLUSTER QUATRO”]

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