As someone thats done the Webinar twice. All I can say is that Bernie’s method has helped turn my trading around. Dugald


I couldn’t agree more – having recently bought the indicators (for eSignal) and I can attest to the accuracy they provide. In fact, I used them this morning to grab 60+ pips on the yen (forex) – they bounced off the main 89 line and went right to the upper 89 fib band. Almost scary sometimes. Peter S.


This is my first week here. I learned more about markets here, than I learned by reading books last six months. And I got a profit after all. Milan


I have been trading for 4 years and have developed my own methodology. Your tools, especially the squat and moving averages, have fit beautifully with my method and they are worth the price of your entire package. Jim E.


My biggest problem in trading had always been where to enter and where to exit. Bernie’s software has finally resolved that issue for me. It’s the most precise at finding entries and exits that I have seen. Tom L.


Seriously, this is the best methodology I’ve have come across, and I’ve been searching for four years! Wayne


Nice call Bernie… I really enjoy & appreciate your market insights… Nic


I cant thank you enough for all that you have taught me. You have a great system but more importantly you are a talented and dedicated teacher. It takes new student a while to fully appreciate how generous you are with your time and how balanced and objective you are regarding these markets. Marty H.


If tbhe clusters can work for this kind of market action, they can work for any type mkt action. Tom L.


I see the value already in helping my trading. I can’t believe you don’t get a higher percentage of those that come to your info night. They don’t know what they are missing. Scott B.


Bernie is for real. After 15 years of consistent losses, I am now enyoying my first winning streak ever, thanks to Bernie’s software and commentary. Thank you Bernie. Phil B.


Many thanks. . . I have enjoyed using the methodology and the profits are coming. Jeff F.


I just want to say a very huge Thank You for showing and sharing your wonderful system with us. Thank You. Christine O.


Thanks Bernie, your software has enhanced my trading and I thank you. Robert D.


Thank you very much for sending daily commentary, your great work is very much appreciated. Julia Y.


This service is great! Keep up the good work. I read everything you print. Thanks for the education. Ralph R.


Many thanks for your Mail I’m owner of your Fibo Cluster for E-Signal for since October 3, 2005. But I did not know that I can listen to your call. I use this software and it’s nearly perfect. I never did participate in one of your seminars. What would be the price to participate and are you teaching us the way you trade and the way you analyse the major tops and bottoms? Is it possible for me to become a Lifetime Premium Subscriber. Hans S.


Very informative seminar on support and Resistance levels. Mark Y.


Completely new way of looking at and analyzing charts. Sam R.


An excellent seminar. John M.


Very valuable and credible information. Bernie tought us a very good method of analysis. I am fully satisfied and feel that the instruction and software received were worth the money I paid. Kevin P.


The seminar and the basic strategy for making money in the stock market were excellent. Gary M.


With 8+ years experiencing trading full time I’ve seen many systems and concepts. Bernie’s Poke and Fibonacci Cluster trading system has great merit compared to others I’ve seen. I will modify my current strategies to incorporate his methods.
Robert O.


Excellent information from an experienced trader. Allan S.


The seminar was well-done and thorough. I learned a lot. Michael A.


A very good course, a lot more info then I expected. This software will increase my winning trades. Byron


I liked his repetition in doing the 1-2-3-4-5 patterns. He answered all questions clearly. Very useful information. Anjali


Bernie’s goes above and beyond to teach his no-nonsense approach to the market. His willingness to share not only his system but also his long time experience is genuine and sincere and very much appreciated. Jean P.


I’ve been “trying” to trade for about 20 yrs now and I have to say this is the most impressive system I’ve seen. We’ve spent prob $15k on systems and have to say I like this best. Scott C.


I’m always amazed at both your intuition and accurate analysis. Paul H.


Last Thursday, when the market went sour on us for 2 ER trade losses, I was reminded of something I read recently. The true professional stays detached, does not give an emotional “kick” when things go wrong. That is how you reacted, calmly navigating us to get out …without pounding hearts. Being in the chat room provides much more than a trading system; it allows the participants to develop a “day trading personality. Bob A.


I have followed this material for the past two years, and as you are aware, you have made some great calls during this time. Bruce F.


Hi guys, this is the most fabulous software that I have ever used. I bought the software for eSignal and I found it very useful and accurate. If you don’t buy it from Bernie, you are not going to make money. Believe me! Steve


Bernie, since I bot you software Feb, 12th, for $997. I have made 6 time that in the Emins, and stock and currencies. Monte R.


I took the seminar Feb 12th, Folks it is WELL worth it!!! Richard


I thought the seminar on Saturday was great. Explaining the components of the system and then showing how to use them together to make trades is just the way I like to understand a system. Kieth F.


Good Morning Bernie. First thank you for Saturday’s Webinar. Sure glad I signed up. Learned a lot and I intend to use your method of trading to mine. . . Now, with the squatbars, already installed and on my charts I see that YM had a perfect entry this morning as discussed at Saturday’s Webinar. Very cool. Thank you. Patrick G.


I am starting to get the hang of this. It is the best thing I have ever seen. Ed S.


Thank you again for the training this past weekend. I enjoyed it immensely. I could’nt wait for the markets to open this morning! Coming into the morning, I had 12561 as the SP sell level in the YM. Shortly after the open the market traded to that price level and I scalped it three times for a 3 to 5 tic profit as per your instructions. Tony D.


I feel it (training) was one of the most useful things I have done. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is serious about trading successfully. Please convey to Bernie my appreciation for offering to share his experiences and learning with those who attended. Ken M.


You are undoubtedly aware that Mr. Mitchell’s great call of the OEX was fulfilled this morning. By my records, the OEX declined to 699.72 as compared to his level of 699.68. To paraphrase Mr. Mitchell’s comment – “It doesn’t get any better than this.” Bruce F.


Thanks for the excellent info so far. I read all your emails religiously as they seem to be the best I’ve seen in market predictions. Tom L.